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Welcome to the Official Website of Actress Terri Lawrenz! Terri was raised on a farm in southwest Minnesota and stumbled upon her career in modeling and acting about 15 years ago.

Currently, you can find her works on TV screens throughout the USA on her series Nature Adventures. You can also see other projects including Nature Vacationing and Two Bit Game Show on Amazon Video and other streaming platforms.

One of her recent works, Deery: Off The Wall, made its world premiere and is available on Amazon Video.

Terri is currently developing a new TV series which she will write, produce and host. She is also working on a new movie called 'Trouble In Corncob County' which should be complete in summer 2020. The movie is a comedy film, with Terri playing a leading role as a science teacher.

Check back soon for updates and to stay up to date on Terri's newly developing projects!

Terri Lawrenz


BOOKING: 605-941-3348